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A Climate Conversation Podcast Episode 8 with Dr. Judith Curry

A Climate Conversation Podcast #8: “Climate Heresy” and a return to the scientific method with Dr. Judith Curry 

May 17, 2024

Hosts: Kim Monson & Dave O’Rourke

Guests: Judith A Curry, PhD, Geophysical Sciences,  and Walter E. Johnson, Geophysicist and Executive Producer of the documentary A Climate Conversation

A Climate Conversation Podcast 

Welcome to our podcast in support of A Climate Conversation, a documentary that seeks to foster an honest dialogue on the subject of climate change—its causes, its impact, and a science-based cost/benefit analysis of its potential solutions.

Judith Curry is the author of “Climate Change and Uncertainty: Rethinking our Response.” (2023) In her bestseller, the so-called “Climate Heretic” shows how we can break through the current climate  stalemate. This book rethinks the climate change problem, the risks we are facing, and our response. It examines fresh approaches to  engage with our environment and support human well-flourishing while responding to climate change. Dr. Curry shows how both the climate change problem and its solution have been oversimplified and explains how understanding uncertainties can help us better assess the risks.  

Walter E. Johnson is a respected geophysicist, certified geologist and registered professional engineer who earned his degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Walt has written and published more than 20 papers and publications on his areas of expertise, including high-resolution and shear wave seismology, inversion, and direct detection techniques.  In 2022, he personally funded, wrote and produced A Climate Conversation, a documentary film that seeks to foster a transparent and inclusive approach to the topic of climate change. 

Podcast overarching theme:  “The policy cart is way out in front of the science horse” The podcast features a wide ranging conversation with Judy Curry and Walt Johnson.  Judy Curry is considered a leading global expert on climate, and hopes that the scientific community can frankly acknowledge mistakes in the UN IPCC’s modeling and focus on the scientific method to diagnose and explore effective solutions. The conversation covers a wide range of topics: 

  • Did climate scientists invent cancel culture?

  • Are climate models overly sensitive?

  • The energy transition: “wind and solar are not the answer” 

  • “Green colonization” and “energy apartheid”: is it okay for a billion people to remain unproductive in agriculture and other industries?

  • The new “climate sciences” degrees: just IPCC dogma with a diploma?

  • Big, big deal: how can global solutions solve regional realities?

  • “Think harder, compete less” JC’s advice for the entire subjectUnderlying problems get ignored while trying to solve fake problems

  • Sea level rise 3mm per year….example of slow creep

  • Climate consensus: consensus of scientists or scientific consensus?

  • Applying a global solution to a regional problem.

  • No evidence that hurricanes are increasing due to warming

  • Adaptation examples: Bangladesh, New Orleans

  • “Climate Dynamicists”

We hear that “97% of scientists agree about climate change,” but the real number is likely 100%, because the observational record shows that the Earth’s climate has changed virtually continuously for billions of years. How many believe that a warmer climate would lead to catastrophe, however, is a question that has either never been asked or examined under the scientific method. 

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