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A Climate Conversation Podcast Episode 7 with Greg Walcher

Updated: 5 days ago

A Climate Conversation Podcast #7: Natural Resources Policy with Greg Walcher

May 3, 2024

Hosts: Kim Monson & Dave O’Rourke

Guests: Greg Walcher, President of the Natural Resources Group, and Walter E. Johnson, Geophysicist and Executive Producer of the documentary A Climate Conversation

A Climate Conversation Podcast 

Welcome to our podcast in support of A Climate Conversation, a documentary that seeks to foster an honest dialogue on the subject of climate change—its causes, its impact, and a science-based cost/benefit analysis of its potential solutions.

Greg Walcher is an author, speaker, and one of the country's most recognized and respected leaders in natural resources policy. He is President of the Natural Resources Group, a senior advisory at the environmental permitting firm of Dawson & Associates, and a partner in the the global public affairs firm, The Stillwell Group. He brings to his clients a lifetime of experience, institutional knowledge, contacts, and advocacy on natural resources and environmental policy and issues. He is the author of "Smoking Them Out: The Theft of the Environment and How to Take it Back," just published in 2013, and writes a popular blog called "Resources and Reality," on the web at

Walter E. Johnson is a respected geophysicist, certified geologist and registered professional engineer who earned his degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Walt has written and published more than 20 papers and publications on his areas of expertise, including high-resolution and shear wave seismology, inversion, and direct detection techniques.  In 2022, he personally funded, wrote and produced A Climate Conversation, a documentary film that seeks to foster a transparent and inclusive approach to the topic of climate change. 

Podcast overarching theme: Let's talk about the consequences of trying to fix the climate by banning things we all need.

The podcast will take a close look at natural resources policy where they intersect the climate change debate. The focus of this podcast will be less about science, and more about effective policy, and Greg Walcher is the ideal guest for this topic. The conversation will cover: 

  • the things we need: affordable energy, food security, jobs and growth

  • governmental affairs and tactical implementation, 

  • political strategy and campaigns, 

  • natural resources policy: endangered species, 

  • energy, renewables, oil and gas, mining and minerals

  • environmental regulations, forestry, agriculture, water, wildlife, public lands, private property rights. 

We hear that “97% of scientists agree about climate change,” but the real number is likely 100%, because the observational record shows that the Earth’s climate has changed virtually continuously for billions of years. How many believe that a warmer climate would lead to catastrophe, however, is a question that has either never been asked or examined under the scientific method.

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