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A Climate Conversation Podcast Episode 6 with Dr. David Legates

A Climate Conversation Podcast #6: How did we get here? The history of alarmism and ecosocialism with Dr. David Legates

April 19, 2024

Hosts: Kim Monson & Dave O’Rourke

Guests: David Legates, PhD, Climatologist, and Walter E. Johnson, Geophysicist and Executive Producer of the documentary A Climate Conversation

A Climate Conversation Podcast 

Welcome to our podcast in support of A Climate Conversation, a documentary that seeks to foster an honest dialogue on the subject of climate change—its causes, its impact, and a science-based cost/benefit analysis of its potential solutions.

David Legates is the author of In Climate and Energy, The Case for Realism, the #1 bestseller on Amazon. Co-Written with E. Calvin Beisner, the book also features contributions from a host of other scientists. The book provides a clear, cogent, and beautifully written history of climate alarmism; how it began, what the drivers were, and how the economic agenda of the major players, who are far more well organized than may be realized, is the true aim, is not “saving the planet” as a matter of changing climate. 

Dr. Legates has a PhD in Climatology and has witnessed, and been a significant player in, the great climate crisis for 30 years. Dr Legates has taught at Louisiana State University, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Virginia, and was a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Climate Data Center. There can be no credible argument that Dr Gates is not an expert in the field of climate who knows more about atmospheric and temperature effects and their measurement than the huge majority of scientists involved in the IPCC. 

In this podcast, we’d like to delve deeply into the crisis itself, as a political movement grounded in critical theory, our new term for Marxism. The podcast will include conversations about:

  • The largely untold and unknown story of climate alarmism, which can fairly be described as a contrived crisis. 

  • How ecosocialism is the driving UN goal: global wealth redistribution. 

  • Prosperity, driven by hydrocarbon-based energy, has produced longevity and reductions in mortality on a dramatic scale. 

  • The negligible economic impact of projected warming. Why would a more prosperous world lead to catastrophe?

  • Conservationists vs Preservationists. A seemingly mild distinction with a huge difference. 

To get your copy of Climate and Energy: The Case for Realism:

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