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A Climate Conversation with Daniel Turner

Updated: Mar 31

A Climate Conversation Podcast Number 3: Daniel Turner

January 26, 2024

Hosts: Kim Monson and Dave O’Rourke

Guests: Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future (PTF)

Walter E. Johnson, Geophysicist and Executive Producer of the documentary A Climate Conversation

A Climate Conversation Podcast 

A Climate Conversation is a documentary that seeks to foster an honest dialogue on the subject of climate change—its causes, its impact, and a science-based cost/benefit analysis of its potential solutions. This podcast is intended to foster that dialog in long-form conversations with thought leaders and advocates for putting policy downstream from science. 

Daniel Turner founded Power The Future to advocate for rural energy communities in the power center of Washington, DC which makes those policy decisions which impact energy workers. Daniel is an expert in energy and environmental issues as they pertain to jobs, rural communities, the U.S. economy, international affairs, and our national security.  His op-eds have been published in dozens of outlets and he is a regular guest on multiple programs on Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and One America News Network. He has appeared on over 1000 radio programs.

Walter E. Johnson is a respected geophysicist, certified geologist and registered professional engineer who earned his degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Walt has written and published more than 20 papers and publications on his areas of expertise, including high-resolution and shear wave seismology, inversion, and direct detection techniques.  In 2022, he personally funded, wrote and produced A Climate Conversation, a documentary film that seeks to foster a transparent and inclusive approach to the topic of climate change. 

The podcast covers a number of topics, including:

  • How catastrophism, from COVID to climate, covers for power grabs

  • The unintended consequences of American energy policy

  • How Iran and Russia spend their energy windfall 

  • Why anti-fossil fuel dictats are a trillion dollar taking of private property

  • The impact of government policy on rural Americans

  • The cynicism, and danger, of draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

  • Going green is “deadly, expensive, and driving people into poverty”

  • The backlash of farmers in Europe 

  • The impossibility of Net Zero

  • The enormous cost to replace fossil fuels

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